Detox 36 Musky smell from mould: ventilation is essential

Houses with water damage, poor ventilation, or located on the shaded side of a hill or built too low over damp ground, frequently suffer a mould and mildew problem.  In these houses, mould and mildew thrives under carpets, in cupboards and on ceilings and walls.

That musty smell is the chemical vapour produced by mould and mildew spores.

Mould and mildew cannot tolerate intense heat, excessive dryness, sunshine, good through ventilation, white vinegar, eucalyptus and tea tree oils, lemon juice, salt or a strong solution of Epsom salts.


About chemicalfreehome

My interest in chemical free living began in 1983 when I was accidentally soused in pesticide from an aircraft. I became seriously ill with life-threatening weight loss and severe pain; however, over a period of years I regained my health and gradually evolved a new lifestyle regarding the use of chemicals in our home. When I realised that other people were concerned about the effects of chemicals on health I decided to turn a negative into a positive and so wrote my best-selling book 'Chemical Free Home' published by Black Inc in Melbourne. I have been amazed by the response of all age groups, as everyone is affected by chemicals to some degree, and everyone benefits by reducing their use. In this blog I hope to suggest ways in which you too can create a healthier home environment.
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