Detox 40 Mould off windows

We have big windows that face the ocean, as well as an unsealed road, so dust and salt spray are a problem, as is mould.  I find myself looking at the windows and thinking, I must clean them.  But I’ve got too much to do this week — so I’ll do it next week!

When I do get around to doing it, I’ll half-fill a bucket with very hot water, add 1 cup of vinegar, find the squeegee and do a really quick yet good job.  I won’t need to rinse because I won’t have used any soap or detergent.  The vinegar will clean, prevent spotting and act as an anti-mould agent.

When it’s so quick and easy, I wonder why I procrastinate about it in the first place!


About chemicalfreehome

My interest in chemical free living began in 1983 when I was accidentally soused in pesticide from an aircraft. I became seriously ill with life-threatening weight loss and severe pain; however, over a period of years I regained my health and gradually evolved a new lifestyle regarding the use of chemicals in our home. When I realised that other people were concerned about the effects of chemicals on health I decided to turn a negative into a positive and so wrote my best-selling book 'Chemical Free Home' published by Black Inc in Melbourne. I have been amazed by the response of all age groups, as everyone is affected by chemicals to some degree, and everyone benefits by reducing their use. In this blog I hope to suggest ways in which you too can create a healthier home environment.
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